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Hello! Im Nowl, Nowl Qodora.
Welcome to my page, is not much, mostly just full of gifs from my favourite anime "Blue Exorcist"

The group of people who know they are idiots. X3

Please don't be shy to talk to me~!




Come on... Isn't he just adorable?

Brotherly blood will always be there.


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 8:33 AM
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Reading: Wizard of EarthSea
So updates as of lately...
  • Well, as of lately I am trying to get a job. I'm trying to get a job at a petstore in my town and hopefully I can get enough money to start working on a new project.
    • My newest project which I need a job for is... A FURSUIT! My little JBD, Nina Sequin shall be the one I am working to make into a fuitsuit but if I don't get enough money, I will start on trying to make me OC Nowl my fursuit. I'm fairly excited for this because this will be my very first fursuit and I would of made it my self, so lots of fun!
      • I am working on art, many... I have a art doll that I am working on and it will be put up for sale as soon as I finish furring the feet and putting some designs into the white fur. (Because I'm totally an artist who makes white possable art dolls)
        • My second project is a Halloween costume which is a werewolf. This is one of my practices at making a fursuit because the hand/paws and the tail + the face are made the same way as a fursuit, its just I am using a hoodie as my base.
          • I also have a few digital art pieces I am working on but pretty slow since I am trying to take my time on them.
            • A non art related topic, would be what happened to me two days ago. If you follow the news (if not, search up Parliament Hill shooting) then you would of heard about a shooting in Ottawa at the Parliament. This was very scary for me and all my friend, especially when I live close to Ottawa. My school during that time went into lock down for about an hour and all we knew was that there was a shooting and someone died, we also knew that the shooter(s) ran away and no one, and I mean no one knew where the guy was. So we all went into lock down and it was freakin' scary.

So I believe that should be all. I hope I can post something new soon.


"He's dead..."

"Wakey! Wakey! Rin!"


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Thank you for collecting my work!
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Wat is tis? XD
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i dunno
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llama stare Awkward. XD
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